Easily Machinable Carbon Fiber for Instant Design Validation™

Quickly get carbon fiber parts made without tooling...or an expensive 3D printer

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  • Billet Classic ™

    The original 3D carbon fiber billet

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  • Billet Pro HT ™

    Our newest material, forged for maximum temperature performance and superior machinability

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Subtraction is faster than addition

Bring true 3D designs to life with the faster alternative to additive manufacturing or molding.

Did you know that 3D printing isn’t truly 3D? While the overall geometry of an additive part may be 3D, these builds are made in the X and Y axis only. Get true 3D shapes with subtractive manufacturing of Billet.

Machines like aluminum, but 45% lighter

All other retailers of carbon fiber plates and sheets use inferior 2D materials. Billet is the world's only true 3D carbon fiber material.

True 3D = superior CNC machinability including the ability to tap detailed threads.

Why wait to shed weight

Traditional carbon fiber fabrication methods can take as long as 16 weeks and cost as much as $40,000. 3D printing wastes days and many failed prints.

You don't have to wait.